Want To Do An Asus Penaksiran? Use An Asus Laptop Diagnostic Tool!

Want To Do An Asus Penaksiran? Use An Asus Laptop Diagnostic Tool!

If you are using an Asus laptop and you want to perGrosir Laptop Asus Medan form a penaksiran, it is easy to perform as long as you use an Asus laptop diagnostic tool. In this post on the MiniTool website, we will show you two professional tools and how to diagnose Distributor Laptop Asus Medan your machine, as well as some related information.

Nowadays computer breakdown always comes out of the blue, making it annoying and troublesome to fix it. Before the thing become severe, you can take some measures, for example, diagnose your machine. Once some potential issues are detected, you can easily fix them.

For some laptops, many manufactures offer diagnostic programs as part of the basic aplikasi that is pre-installed on the laptop. This can be helpful for you since it can pinpoint some problems, at least some can be resolved without sending the machine back to its vendor.

If you are an Asus laptop user, you can use two tools – ASUS PC Diagnostics and MyASUS to respectively perform hardware penaksiran and system penaksiran.

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ASUS PC Diagnostics is an all-in-one hardware diagnostic utility and it is available to all software users as a free download for Windows 10/8/7 computers.

It can be used to show essential operating system and devices information, send error reports directly to Asus, Supplier Laptop Asus Medan test system components, test CPU, memory, video, and more.

So, how to diagnose Asus notebook or laptop with this tool? A simple guide is for you.

Firstly, you need to go to the Internet and download this Asus laptop diagnostic tool. Then, extract files from the .zip folder. Then, click the Setup.exe file to install the tool by following the wizards on the screen. Launch this Asus diagnostic tool and you can see its main interface.

The tool offers three main features:

System Information: This acara can display some information on the physical devices and the Windows operating system on your computer.

The information focuses on the system, CPU (manufacturer, model, cache, current CPU usage, clock speed, etc.), memory (manufacturer, contoh, memory clock, memory usage, memory size, etc.), network adapter, motherboard (vendor, contoh, BIOS version, BIOS release date, etc.), monitor, storage, audio device, battery and more.

System Devices Test: In the Test Items tab, you can check the physical devices on your laptop via Auto or Interactive Test. Auto Test can help to automatically check and create reports on any errors on the components while Interactive Test allows you to run a diagnostic test on the PC components.

Auto Test includes the tests to CPU, Toko Laptop Asus Medan COM port, parallel port, PCI(E), RTC, USB, CMOS, and 1394 controller. While Interactive Test helps to diagnose your memory, network adapter, audio device, keyboard, mouse, hard disk drive, monitor, display adapter, and camera.

Just choose the items that you want to diagnose and click Start the Test.

Stress Test: This Asus laptop diagnostic tool offers you the Stress Test feature that can be used to check the system stability to test the main PC components including CPU, memory, and display adapter with the specially designed tertekan testers.

Here we only simply introduce ASUS PC Diagnostics to you. If you want to Jual Laptop Asus Medan know more information on it, refer to this PDF document.

Tip: After reading so much information, you know how to diagnose Asus notebook or laptop with the professional Asus laptop diagnostic tool. To tell the truth, we think it is a little complicated. If you want to look for an alternative, refer to this post – lima Free and Practical Computer Diagnostic Tools You Should Know and use one tool to diagnose your machine.MyASUS System Diagnosis

In addition to the above hardware diagnosis, there is a dedicated Asus laptop diagnostic tool and it is MyASUS. This tool offers a range of support features for you to troubleshoot problems, optimize product performance, update Asus software, etc.

Tip: In the following contents, we mainly focus on the System Diagnosis feature.

How to diagnose Asus notebook or laptop with this Asus diagnostic tool? Now, let’s have a look.

Also, you need to get MyASUS from Microsoft Store and install it on your machine. Then, go to the System Diagnosis tab to start the diagnosis. Then, you can see this tool lists eight possible situations to troubleshoot efficiently.

If you want to know the hardware health of your laptop, it is recommended to perform a hardware check to verify the PC hardware status. Just click the Checkup button of the Hardware diagnostic and click Last result to see the result.

This module can check your memory, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, hard disk drive, solid-state disk, battery, and adapter. If there is something wrong with one of them, expand it and you can see the detailed issue introduction as well as given solutions.

Your PC screen shows an error saying SMART status bad? Back up your disk to save your important data at once and fix SMART status failing issue.

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Blue screen of death always happens on your computer and it is usually hardware or driver related. Most blue screen errors include a stop code that can be used to figure out the root cause of the issue. Besides, it is troublesome to fix the blue screen issues.

So, you can diagnose the Asus laptop in advance to see if there is a blue screen error. If yes, fix it before things get worse.

Tip: In our post – Quickly Solve Your PC Ran Into a Problem and Needs to Restart, we list some error codes attached to a corresponding link. If you have a need, you can go to see it.

This module helps to analyze the memory, hard disk drive, disk space, and app usage to find why the system becomes slow. Usually, insufficient memory and disk space, as well as having multiple applications and windows open at the same time can lead to a slow system.

With this Asus laptop diagnostic, you can clearly know your machine. After the checkup, some suggestions may be given to you to fix the slow system.

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If you find your wireless connection is not stable, you can use MyASUS System Diagnosis to check the wireless connectivity problems. The most common causes of network disruptions are Network carriers and Wi-Fi Internet devices.

After the check, you can know the specific situation and follow the given solution to fix it. Or, perhaps the related post is the one you are interested in – 11 Tips to Troubleshoot Internet Connection Problems Win 10.

Installing a wrong or old driver may cause a system crash or an unstable system. You can use the Driver error module to perform a check to diagnose your driver issue.

Usually, secara acak crashes can be triggered by Windows settings, hardware failures, or malware damage. You can use the System not responding module to check for these issues.

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If there are too many programs in the background or a bad hard disk, the boot time can be impacted. It may take a long time to boot the Asus laptop. So, you can also run this module to diagnose your machine to fix the issue.

If there is a battery issue on your Asus laptop, you can use this module to diagnose it.

Now, we have simply introduced the information about MyASUS System Diagnosis. If you want to know more about this Asus laptop diagnostic tool, see the guide.

“Are you looking for an Asus laptop diagnostic tool? These two tools are for you to diagnose your hardware and system. Also, you can share them on Twitter to let more persons know.”Click to tweetSome Suggestions to Avoid PC Issues

For some of you, using an Asus laptop diagnostic tool to diagnose your PC and fix some issues is an annoying thing. To avoid some PC problems, we will give you some suggestions.Pay Attention to Hardware Maintenance

Computers fail more often in poorly dusty or ventilated areas. Make sure there is not too much dust inside or outside of your laptop casing since dust can cause the hardware to overheat, affect the PC performance, and even irreparable damage. Also, clean your laptop’s fan.

Are you looking for solutions to handling the laptop overheating issue? Now, we will show you how to reduce laptop heat and rescue the lost data in this post.

Besides, if a hardware issue appears, deal with it right away no matter how small the glitch is.Check Your Power Connection

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